Piano Lessons in Springfield, Missouri

Piano Lessons in Springfield Missouri

Dr. Robert D. Carney offers piano lessons in Springfield, MO. Over the past two decades, Dr. Carney's students have received top prizes in local, regional, and international piano competitions. He completed his doctorate at the University of North Texas and masters at Louisiana State University, both in piano performance. Dr. Carney has given piano recitals in Europe and throughout the United States. As a pedagogue, he has presented research at national and international conferences in Europe, Canada, and the US hosted by organizations such as Music Teachers National Association, European Association for Music in Schools, World Piano Conference, College Music Society, National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy, and others.

Dr. Carney structures his teaching around the idea that
piano lessons are a life-enriching activity to be enjoyed
throughout one's lifetime. Students can study music that
interests them while learning fundamental principles that
provide a foundation upon which a multitude of musical
activities can be built. Students participate in piano recitals
and concerts, competitions, and festivals.

Piano Lessons in Springfield, Missouri

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