Benefits of Music Study

Piano lessons benefit the student in ways that extend beyond the enjoyment of making music. Research from the last several decades has provided a solid basis for that which musicians and music teachers have always known: serious music study benefits students in ways that extend beyond their instrument.

Specifically, music has been shown to enhance children's abstract reasoning skills, reading abilities, math skills, and overall academic performance. For more information on these advantages of music study, consult the following: Neurological Research, (Vol. 19, February 1997), Music Educators Journal, (March 2002), Neurological Research, (March, 1999), and also visit the following music advocacy websites:

International Foundation for Music Research

The International Foundation for Music Research (IFMR) was founded in 1997 to support scientific research to explore the relationship between music and physical and emotional wellness, with particular attention to the elderly population, the impact of music making on at-risk youth, and music education and the effect of music and music making. IFMR also convenes scientists, educators and others around critical issues in music research and disseminates research through its publication, IFMR News, and various on-line research referral services and archives.

American Music Conference

The American Music Conference is a national non-profit educational association founded in 1947. AMC is dedicated to promoting the importance of music, music-making and music education to the general public. AMC's goal is to build credibility for music and music education, especially at an early age, and to expand that portion of the population that enjoys and makes its own music.

The National Association for Music Education (MENC)

The mission of The National Association for Music Education is to advance music education by encouraging the study and making of music by all.

The Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)

With a membership of roughly 24,000 independent and collegiate music educators, MTNA advances the value of music study and music making to society and supports the professionalism of music teachers.

The VH1 Save the Music Foundation

A non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in America’s public schools by restoring music programs in cities across the country, and raising public awareness about the importance of music participation for our nation’s youth.

The Musical Achievement Council

A non-profit organization of music leaders dedicated to developing and retaining instrumental music students and teachers.